Month: November 2012

Milne Studio Partners with The Historic Josephine Theater

Milne Studio, formerly the San Antonio Film Academy, is pleased to announce its union with The Historic Josephine Theater. Opened in 1947, the Josephine was once one of San Antonio’s premiere movie theatres. Today, it is well-known as one of the cities’ top musical theatre venues and for its ongoing eclectic mix of film and stage productions. Visit “Our goal is that the connection with Milne Studio will broaden the Josephine’s reach, bring new patrons, and gather artists of all kinds together while ultimately strengthening San Antonio’s arts community.” said Tommy Miller, the Josephine’s Executive Director. Visit Milne Studio has access to the Josephine’s 375 seat stage-movie theatre, lounge and two upstairs studios, ‘The Projection Room’ and ‘The Loft’ which will house classes, film screenings, stage productions and other events. The Studio’s Fall through Spring curriculum is designed to serve actors, filmmakers, artists, musicians, and business professionals of all kinds. The extensive array of classes is empowered by Milne’s technique, Perge. Derived from 22 years of acting experience and 14 years as an acting coach, this method is Milne Studio’s foundation of creative learning, expression and growth. “I’m thrilled to be working with prominent San Antonio filmmakers Taylor James Johnson and Dylan Cody Altman of Taylor Trash Productions in our newly evolved film program, ‘Making Filmmakers’. Our purpose is to help nourish the San Antonio film community.”...

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Vote Up Or Shut Up!

I am getting more emails from people in Houston and folks I know are stopping me in stores to declare what they think about the way the country is being run more than ever before this election season. It’s almost like candidates came up with this new idea to hire their voters and send them around to be their interactive political signs. However, they are not always easy to spot because the screaming and shoving has extended beyond those wearing colonial clothes. No longer can a three-point hat act like a warning beacon. Here is where it is different in this election. There was a time when someone would give you their opinion and IF you did not like it, you could say, “Hey, I don’t agree with you,” and both people would stop talking about that subject; they could agree to disagree. This is why there has been a standing rule among friends … don’t talk politics and religion, unless you know you share the same views, or you can remain civil. However, “No means No” works in this kind of situation, or so it should. Not Even Registered? Here’s an additional rub. Most of the time when I have a conversation with folks about politics where they have strong opinions, they are NOT even registered to VOTE and in most cases they won’t even vote. I’m not...

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