Author: Paul Owens-Troupe

Houston Texas Social Services No Greater Than Their Accessibility

City social services are no greater than their accessibility. It`s one thing to have established social services but what good are they if the user is unable to obtain the vital information or know-how when attempting to access them? This is an issue that is lacking not only in Houston, but most everywhere. In most major cities, there is a homeless shelter available. But, it is not widely known by those outside the homeless community or considered an acceptable option for those who are not homeless. There is a stigma associated with it, and has the ability to haunt the homeowner or renter who is not there just yet but still desires and qualifies for a range of pantry (and other services) available to them in hopes they may not end up there soon; similar to a doctor treating the ailment and not just the fever. There you have one established method of seeking help in addition to a barrier preventing a majority of its users seeking that resource. Fortunately this population of users in need can still seek help through the internet? However, “Googling` Houston, TX Social Services” did not provide a robust selection of links to any viable or easily assessed social service resources. Is this to say that Houston is lacking in the social sector of providing for its citizens? “Of course not. What it does...

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A Closer Look at Social Services in Austin, Texas

Webster`s Dictionary defines a social service as: an activity designated to promote social well-being; specifically: organized philanthropic assistance (as of the disable or disadvantaged) “. A more concise meaning can be found in the Encyclopedia: Any of various professional activates or methods concerned with providing social services (such as investigatory and treatment services or material aid) to disadvantages, distressed, or vulnerable persons or groups. The field originated in the charity organizations in Europe and the U.S. in the late 19th century. The training of volunteer workers by these organizations led directly to the founding of the first schools of social work and indirectly to increased government responsibility for the welfare of the disadvantaged. Social service providers may serve the needs of children and families, the poor or homeless, immigrants, veterans, the mentally ill, and the handicapped, victims of rape or domestic violence, and person dependent on alcohol or drugs. ” (Social Service) It should not be news to anyone that social services have been and remain to be an important platform for the Democratic Party; as well as a major disinclination for the opposing Republican Party. It also shouldn`t be a news flash to anyone actively following the Texas political landscape that the Austin voting population remains more Democrat than Republican. This should be indicative of a wealth of social services and resources available to the disadvantaged population of...

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