July 20th, 21st and 22nd 2012
7629 Harrisburg
Houston, Texas 77012

Sarita Ackerman Modern Art will be holding a 3 day art, fashion and music festival on July 20th, 21st and 22nd, located at 7629 Harrisburg Houston, Tx 77012. The festival is an all ages expressive gathering of all Houston artist and styles. On Friday (21st) we will be holding an art auction for the American Cancer Society, artists and designers are encouraged to donate a piece of art for the auction, but is not required. We are having the Fever Art Show in the warehouse, curated by Sarita Ackerman. Behind the warehouse we will have outside booths for artists, vendors or sponsors to use, the booths are $30.00, you will receive a tent, (1) table and chair. On the 21nd we will also be holding a fashion show, dedicated to up and coming Houston designers.

Schedule of Events: *times subject to change*
Friday, July 20: $20.00, 6-9pm

Show Opening and Art Auction for American Cancer Society

After Party 9-12 with Swimsuit Edition

Saturday, July 21 : $10.00, 11-8 pm

Art + Music + Fashion

Fashion Show: 8pm After Party 9-12 with Swimsuit Edition

Sunday, July 22: $10.00, 11-5pm

Art + Music with Swimsuit Edition (more to come…)

We are looking for all creative minds, such as artists, unique performers, designers, vendors, and sponsors. Since the festival is being held in the East End district we want to involve the community. Any involvement from businesses to help generate publicity and help bring together the Houston art community, would be appreciated. *we will cover any advertisements*

Come and be apart of an epic gathering to celebrate the Houston heat and its amazing artists!!

For additional information please contact:
Sarita Ackerman
#713-540-6574 .7320 Ashcroft Dr. Suite #209 Houston, Tx 77081