Month: August 2012

Space City Con Houston 2012 An Epic Win

While Apollocon 2012 was epic fail, the first annual Space City Con in Houston was epic win. Mostly. ApolloCcon in 2012 failed as a sci-fi convention because it lacked in programming, artist lineup and attendance. Since this was the first of many intended conventions for Space City, I expected and anticipated there would be some trial and error issues to work out the kinks. And there were: A profound lack of organization and coordination. A volunteer staff that not only had intercommunication problems, but also were uninformed about itinerary and layout. However, the staff was very friendly and tried to be accommodating, willing to at least attempt finding or directing guests to the answers about the con arrangements they didn`t know. Scheduling of times and rooms occasionally did not go according to plan, and had to be altered. Despite the almost inevitable logistical errors of an inaugural convention, Space City Con was actually quite good. An interesting and fun geek fest extravaganza. Not only did they more than make up for the intermittent snafus with their programming, they made up for the grand inadequacy of this year`s ApolloCon. Space City Con was what that other con should have been, and usually is: a showcase and celebration of science fiction, as well as the creativity and artistry of sci-fi fans. The differences between the two Houston based conventions appear minor...

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Get Your Tickets for Space City Con Today: George Comits Talks About Space City Con

Judyth Piazza interviews “Greek” George Comits Executive Director of Space City Con on The American Perspective Space City Con is an all-ages festival of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, literature, and art, in the spirit of Houston, Texas! Envisioned as a “geek festival with free parking,” SCC is conveniently located at the Westin Galleria convention center & hotel, August 10 – 12, 2012. Our goal is to put on the best convention possible for current generations of fans, and instill a love of, comics, Sci-fi and fantasy in the next generation. Space City Con is the Gulf Coast`s newest fan culture convention, offering a robust mix of authors, artists, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, gaming, fan group networking, literature, writing workshops and more, in a venue meant to be more approachable to families and children. It was founded in 2012, and will be held at the Westin Galleria convention center & hotel, August 10 – 12, 2012. Conceived as a Geek Festival with free parking, the event is attached to the 4th largest mall in America, in the 4th largest city in America “Houston, Texas. The grand Galleria Mall boasts 375 stores, a large food court, ice rink, various restaurants with a taste of Texas. Just as Houston has a broad economic mix in aerospace, energy, manufacturing, transportation; it boasts the world`s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions. Houston also has...

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Armored Car Robbers Make Court Appearance in Houston

HOUSTON—A six-count federal indictment has now been unsealed as two of the five charged made their initial appearances in federal court, United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced today. Walter Keitric Freeman and Corinthian Phillips, who turned themselves in to authorities, are charged along with Hendrick Dwayne Lynn, Chad Eric Haywood, and Allen Moore, Jr. with the robberies of two armored cars in the Houston area. Freeman, 23, and Phillips, 27, both of Houston, appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Mary Milloy just a short time ago, at which time the indictment was unsealed as to all charged. Lynn, 29, and Haywood, 23, both of Houston; and Moore, 45, of Dallas, are currently in state custody on unrelated charges and are expected to be transferred to face these charges in the near future. According to the indictment, from on or about August 7, 2009, through on or about November 21, 2009, the five charged did knowingly and intentionally conspire with one another to interfere with commerce by robbery. Loomis Armored U.S. Inc., who operated the trucks during the alleged robbery and robbery attempt, maintains offices throughout the United States, and was engaged in the business of secured armored transport of United States currency in interstate commerce and in picking up and delivering United States currency to financial institutions and check cashing businesses, both of which are industries which affect interstate commerce....

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Remembering Hate to Inspire Others

By Bruce H.G. Calder Nestled in Houston’s Museum district where you might find some of Rembrandt’s drawings, discover the courage of African-American “Buffalo Soldiers” and even learn how hurricanes get their power sits an architectural gem devoted to the preservation of the memory of one of the most brutal chapters in the history of mankind. Educating people about the Holocaust and remembering the 6 million Jews and other innocents murdered by the Nazi regime since its opening in 1996, Houston Holocaust Museum strives to remember the past, and take lessons learned from the Holocaust and other genocides to “teach the dangers of hatred, prejudice, and apathy” along with how and why so many turned a blind eye to the horrors in their midst. HMH teaches, inspires, and warns at every turn. At the entrance you will find six steel columns that evoke the memory of six million murdered Jews, trestles used to symbolize the railroad tracks on which thousands upon thousands were brought to their deaths, in addition to the permanent exhibitions which show in sometimes gruesome detail Nazi Germany’s “Final Solution” during which as many as 17 million souls were systematically murdered by the Adolf Hitler’s state. Given the subject matter, it should go without saying that much of what is on display can be very disturbing – the concentration camps, the forced deportations, the executions, neighbors turning...

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“SPACE CITY” Guest of Honor Nichelle Nichols Star Trek’s Uhura

Houston Texas August 11 – 12, 2012 at Westin Galleria Convention Center Sci-Fi fan-favorite actress is media Guest of Honor for new pop culture convention featuring Kids Need to Read, along with comics, top authors, artists, gaming, costumes, live music, and more. Space City Con is honored to welcome Star Trek icon and former NASA recruiter, Nichelle Nichols, making a home-coming of sorts to Houston. Nichols, in addition to making TV history for women and African-Americans, has been an inspiration for people of many generations to follow their dreams and reach for the stars. Once the Star Trek TV series ended, she worked for NASA in Houston, during the 70’s and early 80’s as part of a program to encourage African-American youth to consider math and science careers and to recruit women and minority astronauts for NASA. She recruited Dr. Sally K. Ride, US Air Force Col. Guion Bluford (the first African-American in space), Dr. Judith Resnik and Dr. Ron McNair. The convention is not only a “pop culture, summer Geek festival” but with Kids Need to Read and SpaceUp Houston among the featured guests, it is an educational event for all ages, in the KNTR theme of “Inspiring Imagination”. It is thus appropriate that the director chose Nichols as keynote celebrity guest, for she bridges the gap between the worlds of scientific exploration, the human spirit, and the...

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