Black Couple's Discrimination Lawsuit Against Hi-Rise Condos in Katy, Texas Dismissed With Prejudice
A federal court judge recently dismissed a racial discrimination lawsuit brought forth by three Black real estate investors in Houston. The investors claimed they were unfairly denied the opportunity to purchase condominiums in a new community development for Asians. The civil lawsuit, which targete...
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Excessive Solitary Confinement of Migrants in North Houston Facilities Under Close Review
A recent report released by Harvard University and Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has brought to light a disturbing issue regarding over 640 immigrants held in detention in the Houston area. Migrant detainees have allegedly been placed in solitary confinement since 2018, raising significant human...
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Houston's ShotSpotter: False Gunfire Alerts Delay Police 911 Calls
For the past three years, the city of Houston has been utilizing its "ShotSpotter" technology to arrest and mitigate gun violence within its communities....
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Texas Attorney General Targets Five Cities Over Marijuana Policies
In an assertive legal maneuver, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton took aim at five Texas cities: Austin, San Marcos, Killeen, Elgin, and Denton, over their marijuana decriminalization efforts. Citing concerns over what he perceives as policies of amnesty and non-prosecution for marijuana possession ...
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Driving High On Weed In Texas Is Same As Intoxicated On Liquor
Driving a vehicle while high on weed in Texas is treated the same as being intoxicated on alcohol. DUI on marijuana is illegal in all 50 US states....
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The World of Comedy Podcasts: Laughter in the Digital Age
Humor plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem of social media, serving as a powerful tool for communication, engagement, and even social commentary. In the dynamic landscape of digital interaction, humor often acts as a universal language, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers, making it an ef...
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Texas 5th Circuit Rules: Biden Cannot Use 1986 Health Care Law to Compel ER Doctors for Abortions
Houston, TX - In a pivotal decision, the 5th Circuit federal appeals court ruled that President Joe Biden cannot employ a 1986 health care law to compel emergency room doctors in Texas to perform life-saving abortions if it conflicts with state law. This ruling comes amid Texas's stringent stance ag...
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Cancer Survivor Returns as Pediatric Nurse to MD Anderson, Houston's Beacon of Hope
In a heartwarming tale of triumph over adversity, Caitlyn Mortus, once a cancer patient at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas, has returned a decade later, not as a patient but as a compassionate pediatric nurse....
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Houston Health Crisis: How To Protect From Syphilis Outbreak
The Christmas season is almost in full swing as the city of Houston remains committed to lowering the high statistics of syphilis. Syphilis is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). During the sweltering summer months in the Bayou City the Houston Health Department reported a syphilis outbreak happen...
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John Whitmire Elected Houston's Next Mayor, Pledges to Tackle Crime Head-On
In a decisive victory, Democratic State Senator John Whitmire was elected the 63rd mayor of Houston, defeating Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee 65% to 35%....
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