Philip Kapneck, Maryland trade ambassador.

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On October 4, 2012, Hon. Ambassador Philip Kapneck was invited to the World Trade Center Institute, when Legg Mason and the State of Maryland had a successful evening of showcasing Global Markets and Business Success. Diplomats and Senior Executives attended “Embassy Night” at the Ronald Reagan building and International Trade Center in Washington DC.

Maryland Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck attended Embassy Night, networking with the business leaders and diplomats. Philip Kapneck was with 350 other VIP attendees representing more than 30 nations. The President and Executive Director of the World Trade Center Institute emceed the function.

Deborah M. Kielty chaired the event, which was a night to honor countries and businesses for their outstanding partnerships and their contributions to international relations.

Hon. Philip Kapneck and International Diplomats

One of the International diplomats who was at the Embassy Night function knew Ambassador Kapneck when he was posted in Brussels, Belgium. He said, “Ambassador Kapneck was always popular and well-known to the Diplomatic Corps and I can understand why the Ambassador is not only Maryland’s Trade Ambassador, but also their Goodwill Ambassador.” Ambassador Kapneck has always been popular in business circles for the care that he takes over the welfare of others.

Ambassador Kapneck said Embassy Night is a good chance to meet with current and past business friends and acquaintances in a relaxed atmosphere. The World Trade Center Institute, Legg Mason and the State of Maryland always make Embassy night a night to remember. This night was no different – a good evening was enjoyed by all.

Embassy Night brings together people from 25 or more countries, into one place, to honor the top global business country and company connections made during the year. For participants, it offers unparalleled networking opportunities, both before and after the dinner program. The D.C., Maryland and Virginia region’s key decision makers and high level executives attend, along with Ambassadors and senior Embassy representatives.

At the 2011 Embassy Night, the featured speakers were Ron Dewhurst, Head of Global Investment Managers, at Legg Mason, and Dr. Lloyd Minor, Provost at Johns Hopkins University. Mr. Dewhurst spoke about “The Shift in Balance in Global Financial Markets” and Dr. Minor spoke about “How Research Universities Drive Global Innovation.”

Philip Kapneck

Philip Kapneck said “Legg Mason and The World Trade Center Institute do an excellent job on Embassy Night. It is a great opportunity to renew acquaintances with people we have worked with over the years.”

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