Austin Martin and Gold Plated Fitness To Appear on The American Perspective


judy in BlueThe fashion world just got a little brighter. Houston resident and University of Houston student, Austin Martin is one of the hottest new names in the fashion world. He is currently wrapping up the creation of his new line of high-end fitness and athletic apparel and will be launching, Gold Plated Fitness, (GPF) November 2014 in Houston, Texas.

Martin said, "I was inspired to get into the fashion game because I like to wear and own clothing that no one carries in the mall or around town and in a cosmopolitan city such as Houston, that's not so easy to do."

Martin will be a featured guest on The American Perspective Radio Program hosted by Judythg Piazza tonight at 6 p.m. You may listen to the interview on The SOP Radio Network,

The American Perspective is a cutting edge radio program that is full of inspiration and information which airs on several radio stations as well as The SOP Radio Network. It's intended to help people succeed in life. Each week the American Perspective features celebrity guests from around the nation such as the late Zig Ziglar, Maya Angelou and Yolanda King as well as Billy D. Williams, Tony Little, Mark Victor Hansen, Dean Koontz, Dave Ramsey and many many more.

To find out more about Gold Plated Fitness
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 206-245-4563
Website: (Under Construction - Coming Soon)

To find out more about Judyth Piazza and The American Perspective
Email: [email protected]

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