Business Profile: Houston Attorney Bruce A. Seeley

Judyth Piazza

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Martin Luther King Jr.

When it comes to injustice in the State of Texas there is no better attorney to have on your side than Bruce A. Seeley. Seeley believes in fairness, integrity and the law. He has a strong love of family and traditional Texas values as well as displays a superlative sense of community.

After a long and distinguished career as a corporate attorney for over 30 years, working for some of the top oil and drilling companies in America, Seeley has begun a new chapter in his life.

Seeley recently launched his own practice, Seeley and Associates located at 6060 Richmond Avenue, Suite 388, Houston, TX 77057.

As sole practitioner, Seeley has been working with clients such as Transocean (Deepwater) Ensco Offshore, Diamond Offshore and many others. Seeley and Associates specialize in Corporate and Business Law, Immigration Issues and Tax Matters.

No matter how big or small your legal problem is, Seeley and Associates can help you.

For a free consultation, call (713) 589-2551.

If you would like for Houston News Today to profile your business, email us at [email protected].

Business Profile: Houston Attorney Bruce A. Seeley 3



Entity Selection
Business Acquisition
Tax Planning/Asset Protection Planning
Shareholder/Operating Agreements
Security Agreements


Labor certification (PERM)
EB-1, EB-2,IV-1-140
H-1B, L-1, E-2, ) VISA
Adjustment of Status
Family Based Petition
Green Card


Income Tax - Personal & Corporate
Sales Tax
Mixed Beverage Tax
Franchise Tax
Tax Planning


Estate Planning
Power of Attorney
Real Estate Law

Attorney and Counselor at Law
6060 Richmond Ave. Suite 388
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 589-2551

By Judyth Piazza
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