Looking For A Publisher? Try Sarah Book Publishing


Do you have a book inside you? Are you ready to take the next step to be a published author? If so, Sarah Book Publishing is for you.

Sarah Book Publishing is a full-service publisher with a traditional touch.

"We pride ourselves on working side by side with Authors and Agents to publish the highest quality books. Unlike many publishers, Sarah Book Publishing never requires money from an author for editing, printing or publishing services, and we always strive to find exceptional material to publish," said Oladayo Sanusi, President of Sarah Book Publishing.

Sarah Book Publishing provides professional services designed to print, publish, market and present to the reader the works of both experienced and inexperienced authors. These services are provided by industry experts with years of experience in book publishing, and all printing is done in-house to provide the best quality control possible.

`We love working with authors who are passionate about their work and love sharing it with others," Sanusi said.

Submit your manuscript and Sarah Book Publishing professionals will work with you to achieve published success! Authors receive assistance for promoting and selling their book in addition to the Sarah Book Publishing marketing programs, and are guaranteed fair and equitable royalties on a quarterly basis.

All their books are available in print and digital formats at a wide range of retail outlets including iTunes, Amazon and Barnes and Noble formats.

If you have a manuscript that you would like Sarah Book Publishing to consider for publication, please upload your manuscript to Sarah Book Publishing today.

See Sarah Book Publishing Authors on Amazon.com and Experience Books Published by Sarah Book Publishing.

For More Information: www.sarahbookpublishing.com

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