Learn Practical Hands On Tools With Timeless Solutions


Timeless Solutions teaches and encourages all to see, hear and feel the experience of life through seminars, classroom instruction or personal coaching.

During the Timeless Solutions experience you will learn practical, hands on tools that will make you more productive, more valuable and more satisfied in your life than ever before. Today’s Stressful, competitive environment demands more.. . . but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too:
Learn Practical Hands On Tools With Timeless Solutions 3

• Recognize the power of being able to handle difficult circumstances
•Learn how to recognize stress
•Experience how the body adapts to stress
•See where it comes from
•Learn techniques to deal with stress

Stress freeScientific evidence is accumulating that supports the view that most diseases are caused by psychological factors. Reliable studies indicate that 70 to 100 percent of physical disorders are influenced by the mental and emotional state. It is readily acknowledged that psychosomatic and physiological disorders are either caused or worsened by the individual reaction to stress. Simply stated, stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative states affect the body and cause or worsen other disorders.

A person who suffers from chronic anxiety tends to react slowly to stress, however once this condition is established, it lasts a long time. In contrast, a person who regularly practices relaxation, meditation and understanding will react quickly to stress and then return quickly to a state of relaxation. Moreover an individual utilizing Timeless Solutions Institute training is capable of withstanding more stress than most. You can live without it, but you shouldn’t!

For more information: www.timelesssolutions.org

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