Two Boys Given Wrong Doses of COVID Vaccine in Garland

Ernest Dempsey

The city of Garland's health department administered wrong doses of the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 to two boys, both under 10 years of age. The incident raised concern among the family members of the kids.

WMUR-TV reported that two boys, age 6 and 7, from the same neighborhood were given the Pfizer shot for COVID -19 at a pop-up clinic on October 31 at the Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church. The nurses at the clinic told the families of the children that the boys were eligible for a COVID shot, even though the COVID vaccine had not been approved for children in that age category yet.

The families were then given a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine consent form, indicating the same. Though on Sunday, the vaccine had yet to be approved by the CDC for children aged 5-11.

The families let the kids take the shot, only to be told the next day by the Garland Health Department that the two boys had been given the shots they were not supposed to have and also that they were given the wrong doses. Each of the boys received a of dose the Pfizer shot meant for adults, which is three times that of the dose recommended for children.

Reporting the story, the New York Post wrote that the father of one of the children expressed his anger over what was done to the kids.

“I’m very angry, I’ll be honest,” dad Julian Gonzalez told the station.

Gonzalez went on to tell media that when he demanded an answer from the health department official on phone, he got a plain answer not explaining anything: “The proper channels have been notified.”

The Washington Examiner reported that after getting the shot the 6-year-old boy, Gonzalez’s son, fell sick with mild fever, headache, and lack of energy while there was no update on the condition of the 7-year-old boy.

By Ernest Dempsey
Ernest Dempsey is a writer, editor, blogger, and journalist. He runs a popular blog Word Matters! and edits the journal and its blog Recovering the Self. Dempsey is a skeptic, vegetarian, and advocate for animal and human rights.

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