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Help us Plan Houston

The City wants your input. What makes Houston a great place to live? How can we ensure Houston's future as a vibrant and growing city? To answer these questions, the City embarked on a process to create a general plan to guide Houston's growth and development, enhance neighborhoods and better coordinate efforts to make positive changes throughout our city. citylogo1-297x300_t580

The city is expected to grow significantly in the next 20 years and Plan Houston is an opportunity to take a fresh look at how the City plans for all it needs including enhancing services to current residents while preparing for future growth.

The plan will be a high level coordination and decision making tool. Plan Houston won't take the place of more detailed planning efforts such as the Parks Master Plan, the Library Master Plan, the Cultural Arts Plan and the Bikeways Plan. Plan Houston builds on existing plans, studies, policies, practices and regulations that make Houston a prosperous, healthy and sustainable city.

Please visit From there you can sign up to receive updates, comment on the draft vision statement, review the goals and learn more about this effort. April 17, 2015, is the deadline to provide your feedback on the vision and goals.

Houston's Draft Vision Statement

Houston offers opportunity for all. We celebrate our diversity of people, ideas, economy, culture, and places. We promote healthy and resilient communities through smart civic investments, dynamic partnerships, education, and innovation. Houston is the place where anyone can prosper and feel at home.

To contact us about Plan Houston, please email [email protected]. Help us plan Houston's future.

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