Houston Airports Receives Inaugural World Airport Award for Exceptional Airport Art Program

Alan Gray

Houston Airports were awarded the inaugural World Airport Award for their exceptional Airport Art Program. This recognition is a testament to the innovative approach taken to airport design and aesthetics, as well as to the dedication and hard work of the artists and curators who contributed to the program.

The Airport Art Program was established in 1999 with the goal of enhancing the passenger experience by creating a welcoming and visually stimulating environment. The program includes a diverse range of artwork, including sculptures, paintings, murals, and installations, which are strategically placed throughout the airport to provide a sense of place and to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Houston.

Airport Art Program

One of the key strengths of the Airport Art Program is its commitment to showcasing local artists and artwork. Through partnerships with local arts organizations and galleries, the program commissions and displays a wide range of works by Houston-based artists, ranging from emerging talents to established figures.

The Airport Art Program has also been successful in promoting diversity and inclusivity through its selection of artwork. In recent years, the program has focused on featuring artists from underrepresented communities.

The impact of the Airport Art Program has been felt not only by passengers but also by the Houston arts community. Many artists who have participated in the program have gone on to achieve greater recognition and success, and the program has helped to establish Houston as a hub for contemporary art and culture.

The World Airport Award is a significant achievement for Houston Airports, as it recognizes the airport's commitment to providing a unique and engaging passenger experience. The award is given by Skytrax, a leading air transport rating organization, and is based on a survey of millions of passengers from around the world.

houston airports stars exceptional art program. Houston Airports image.

Houston Airports stars art. Houston Airports image.

Houston Airports Initiatives

In addition to the award for the Airport Art Program, Houston Airports was also recognized for its other initiatives, including its commitment to sustainability, customer service, and innovation. These efforts have helped to make Houston Airports a world-class destination for travelers and a model for other airports around the globe.

Looking ahead, Houston Airports is committed to continuing its efforts to provide a world-class airport experience for passengers while also supporting the arts and cultural scene in Houston. The Airport Art Program will remain a key focus area for the airport, and plans are underway to expand and enhance the program in the years to come.

As Houston continues to grow and evolve as a city, its airports play an increasingly important role in shaping the region's identity and cultural landscape. The recognition of the Airport Art Program by the World Airport Award shows the vision and dedication of Houston Airports in creating an airport experience that reflects the best of Houston.

houston airports lights exceptional art program. Houston Airports image.

Houston Airports lights, part of exceptional art program. Houston Airports image.

Necole Irvin, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs (MOCA) said, “Our purpose is to support, elevate and expand the reach of artists who strongly convey the character of our city. The Best Art in the Airport award underscores the importance of art and the impact well-curated works can have on an audience without them ever leaving Houston’s airports.”

In 2021 the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs supported Houston Airports in its largest one-time art acquisition of 74 works of art by Texas artists.

Last year, Houston Airports began an Artist-in-Residence program, inviting local artists to create works inside Bush and Hobby airports. The program is the first of its kind in Texas and the only program active inside a U.S. airport and is the result of teamwork between Alton DuLaney, Curator of Public Art for Houston Airports and Liliana Rambo, Chief Terminal Management Officer for Houston Airports.

Houston Airports also expanded its Harmony in the Air program with performances inside Bush Airport’s Terminal C, building custom stages inside Bush Airport Terminal A and Hobby Airport.

By Alan Gray

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