Houston Weather Normal, Good Chance Of Rain

Alan Gray

There is a 30% chance of rain in Houston on Wednesday, with afternoon thunderstorms and showers likely. Cloud cover and rain will both result in afternoon temperatures being lower by three to five degrees.

Afternoon storms are also expected Thursday and Friday afternoon, but rain less likely than on Wednesday, due to higher air pressure rising across the state, towards the end of the week.

houston morning weather

Houston morning weather

Weekend Temps Rise

As the likelihood of storms and rain subside, expect temperatures to rise slightly to around 100 degree maximums over the weekend. This is expected to feel more oppressive as the humidity combines with the heat.

North of Houston, the Mid-Mississippi Valley can expect to see the heat index rising to around 110 degrees, causing widespread heat waves and heat alerts.

Looking forward to next week, expect temperatures to again drop by 4 to 5 degrees, with increased cloud cover, possible showers and afternoon storms.

Houston Weather Normal

This is a standard weather forecast for Houston, nothing unusual for this time of year.

The moon is in its first quarter phase, wind around 7 mph and pressure just under 30. Look for weather forecasts live from the weather channel.

weather heat index

Weather heat index.

Houston Weather Monthly

houston weather monthly 10 day forecast

Houston weather monthly 10 day forecast.

By Alan Gray

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