Trick or Treat! Making it a Safe and Happy Halloween!


Remember to Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery on Sunday, November 3, 2013

The City of Houston and all its employees wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. This is a time for children of all ages to enjoy the time outside in the company of family and friends. Halloween however does present its share of safety concerns that adults and children need to keep in mind. Our emergency services typically see a slight increase in emergency calls on Halloween, mostly because of falls and assaults.

Keep the following suggestions in mind when trick-or-treating:

Be alert for cars that may be turning into or out of driveways; never cross between parked cars and always cross at street corners
Be cautious of strangers; never go into a stranger's house or accept a ride from a stranger
Children should wait until they get home to eat candy; inspect candy for possible tampering; if not wrapped or loosely wrapped, do not eat it
Everyone should carry a flashlight or some other form of light to make you more visible to motorists
If there is no sidewalk, walk facing the oncoming traffic
If you feel threatened or in danger while trick-or-treating you can go to any Houston fire or police station
Illuminate pumpkins with small flashlights or battery operated candles instead of real candles
Keep burning Jack-o-Lanterns away from curtains and combustible items, including decorations, as well as walkways
Make sure costumes are flame retardant; avoid highly flammable fabrics and accessories
Masks should have eye holes large enough to prevent visual obstructions
Only approach houses where the outside lights are on as a signal of welcome
Wear reflective or bright colored clothing
Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday morning, November 3 at 2 a.m.. Remember to test and change your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you change your clock back to enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Spring forward, Fall back.

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